Wick & Tallow x Altfield

Posted on March 24, 2016 by Alice Malcolm Green

At Wick & Tallow we love working with luxury brands to create them their perfect bespoke candles.

We really enjoyed working with Altfield to create them their own candle for scenting their showroom and for client gifting. Altfield is recognised as a leading resource for beautiful Textiles, Wallcoverings & Leather, distributing a number of high end lines from around the world, together with a collection of smaller boutique and artisanal lines. In addition, Altfield also produce their own collections of Wallcovering, Fabric & Faux Leather, which blend perfectly with the brands they represent. Their lines embody the richness of design and material which have become synonymous with the Altfield brand, and offer the perfect balance between beauty and performance.

Today we talk with Emma Boden, who is the PR and Marketing manager for Altfield.

We love your beautiful showroom in Chelsea Harbour. How do you create the perfect ambience and atmosphere for your clients to browse your collections? 

Friendly, knowledgeable staff go a long way to making clients feel comfortable.  Our refurbished showroom (I can’t quite believe it’s a year old!) has made a huge difference, there is a really great feel and flow to the space. We represent 17 brands so it’s a challenge to make sure everyone has a place to shine and that the hangers and boards etc. are easy to use. Great window displays are really important to tempt people to come in, we change these twice a year, it’s lots of fun and challenging with so much product to choose from. Lighting is definitely important, you want to create the right ambience but at the same time still be able to see what you are doing. Our clients come to us because we are knowledgeable of our products and we love what we sell.

You represent some beautiful brands, how do you choose the brands and collections? 

We are fortunate enough to represent some really fantastic brands from across the globe, as well as our own lines. Each bring their own individual style but compliment each other perfectly, allowing for endless design possibilities in a single showroom.



We loved working with you to create your own bespoke candle, what did you enjoy about the creative process?

It was a great experience working with Wick & Tallow, you were super helpful and very patient! Your popping by the showroom was great timing as we had been thinking about a candle but had not found anyone who quite fitted the bill. Trying all the different scent combinations was really fun (and of course meeting Willow!).

How did you choose your perfect scent?

We had quite a few opinions to start with! William our MD wanted something with bergamot, our Showroom Manager Rodell likes really heavy church style scent. Myself and Katherine were somewhere in the middle! We wanted something that gave a nod to our heritage regards the Antique Chinese Furniture with the wonderful camphor wood and beeswax smell that used to fill the showroom, as well as the smell of leather which we now have. We moved away from that a bit and tried several different combinations and really love the final result.

What are you going to use your candle for, what are your clients feedback?

We are mainly using the candle for gifts and burning in the showroom, everyone so far loves the sent!

What are your plans for 2016? 

We don’t have anything finalised for fairs at the moment, we have just finished London Design Week which was a great success, we will possibly be at Decorex and the Sleep event.


Wick & Tallow | Interview with Wickenden Hutley

Posted on March 10, 2016 by Alice Malcolm Green

Today for our interiors inspiration blog we interview Melissa Hutley from luxury interior design company Wickenden Hutley. Wick & Tallow love working with interior designers to create their own bespoke candles and scent their projects.

Wickenden Hutley offers a comprehensive interior architecture and design service for residential and commercial clients, both in London and around the world.

Priding itself on its unique approaches to design, client relationships and project management, Wickenden Hutley has established itself within the demanding and competitive interior design industry. It is a company that creates elegant homes filled with character, individually tailored to every client.

Today we look at their stunning renovation of a penthouse in West Hampstead.

What was your starting inspiration for this project? 

We wanted to concentrate on making the most of the architectural space and as the client was a bachelor we wanted the scheme to have a gentle masculinity about it.


We love the use of monochrome throughout, how important is it to find an accent colour or use colour throughout a project?

We never choose a starting accent colour but it naturally develops as the schemes grow. The client wanted a clean design and the palette developed with minks, navies, taupe, natural linens, bronze and leathers, which felt masculine but warm.

We notice you use beautiful greenery and plants throughout, how important is it to scent your projects?

The aesthetics is only one part of the design and when you are actually living in the space the smell of a home is the first thing that hits you when you open the front door. We always leave the client a scented candle on completion, Wick and Tallow obviously, and chose a scent that we feel is right for the client and the scheme.


What is your favourite part of the design process?

Each stage is so different but it’s hard to choose between the excitement at the beginning of the project when all of the team are brain storming and pulling inspiration and the huge satisfaction of seeing a happy client at completion!

Do you create lots of bespoke furniture? How important is to create unique and individual pieces for your clients?

We love designing furniture and that’s the great thing about having an interior designer, if we can’t find what we’re looking for we’ll design it to the perfect dimensions and finishes for the space. We work with amazing British craftsmen all over the country who create stunning products for us including furniture, lighting and accessories.

Do you have some exciting plans for 2016?

We are definitely starting the year with a bang with 2 projects abroad about to commence, and some very exciting UK sites too. We are lucky that our clients are very diverse in their styles so there is lots to keep our creativity flowing!

For more information on Wickenden Hutley visit

Wick & Tallow | Jemma-Jade Events

Posted on March 02, 2016 by Alice Malcolm Green

On today's blog we interview luxury events planner Jemma-Jade William of Jemma-Jade Events on creating magical and memorable events.

Today  the spot light is on a unforgettable children's party she created.

What was the theme for the party?

Children’s Birthday Parties used to be plastic plates, garden set up and a clown. But increasingly we are seeing a rise in the more elegant and luxurious birthday parties; in gorgeous venues with a child like twist. The Theme was Marie Antoinette using a pink and blue colour palette.

Tell us about choosing the perfect venue for the party?

Beach Blanket Babylon occupies an old Georgian house in the heart of Notting Hill, styled around the eclectic decor of a French country chateau. The birthday party was set in the Ballroom, which is the main feature of the venue - situated on the private first floor, the decadent décor and regal charm creates an exclusive atmosphere.

What suppliers did you work with for the beautiful flowers, cakes, etc?

So let me paint the picture of this fabulous 8 year olds birthday party. With 10 little princesses we decided to have a long table in the centre of the room making the most of the space and the gorgeous surroundings we were in.

Over The Top Rentals provided us with their ‘pinktastic’ pink taffeta hued linen to set the scene. We than had playful and gorgeous blooms from Larry Walsh.

We had 5 statement pink flocked candle sticks running down the centre, accompanied by glorious bowls of mixed flowers to create a veritable tapestry in tones of pinks, blues and a hint of purple to pull it together.  The richness of this combination complemented the baroque aesthetic, whilst the vibrancy of the colours played on the childlike theme. Larry placed down the table silver votives with a pink centre to add a further touch of fun.

On the dessert table we placed two tall-flocked candlesticks, which added to the glamour of the table as well as two, glass candlesticks with candy pink candle’s - as what is a party without pink candles!!

Then as the pièce de résistance, the most creative floral arrangement I have ever laid my eyes on, and I must commend Larry for his extraordinary creativity, - one bud vase filled with chocolate dipped roses with sprinkles, they looked divine and delicious!! Petals were scattered across the table, softening the look.

Bubblegum Balloons who are known for their twist on everyday balloons made us bespoke balloons filled with pink feathers. This suited the theme wonderfully, and Elizabeth’s Cake Emporium provided us with a new range of young, fun and luxurious cakes. They almost looked too good to eat, but we ate them anyway!!

The dessert table was a feast for the eyes - with an array of small to large cakes in different colours and the most beautiful cupcakes in bows, crests and her signature roses.

The girls had a lot of fun learning how to ice cupcakes in a true cake maker’s style. They absolutely loved it! The children were also treated to mini burgers and canapés from the chefs of Beach Blanket Babylon and ended the day with a special cake made by Elizabeth. At a first glance it looked like any normal cake, but one slice revealed the true magic inside - a multicolour of layers in pink and blue!

The whole event was photographed by the extremely talented Kate Nielen, who is known for her dreamy and natural photography.

How do you create the perfect atmosphere for a party?

My philosophy is that detail is key. I start from the table décor and work my way out. Everything should be perfect and personal touches always add that little bit of fun to every event Jemma-Jade Events plan.

How important is it to capture the event on camera?

I think having a professional photographer is a key ingredient when planning the perfect party. One wants to have long lasting memories of all the gorgeousness created after all.

What do you love most about your job?

Our motto at Jemma-Jade Events is ‘Everything you can imagine is real’ and that is what I love. I love transforming ideas into reality and seeing sketches and thoughts come to life.

What’s next?

Where to start... growing the Jemma-Jade Events brand, working on a range of events this year all with different briefs and themes and collaborating on some rather exciting projects. So stay tuned!

Styling & co-ordination:  Jemma-Jade Events 
Photography: Kate Nielen
Flowers:  Larry Walshe
Table linen: Over The Top Rentals
Venue & catering: Beach Blanket Babylon
Balloons: Bubblegum Balloons
Cakes & dessert table: Elizabeth's Cake Emporium

Wick & Tallow x Kosmos Recruitment

Posted on February 24, 2016 by Alice Malcolm Green

Today we interview Victoria Naylor-Leyland about setting up her fabulous recruitment company Kosmos Recruitment. We worked with Victoria to create her own bespoke Kosmos candle. Kosmos is a bespoke recruitment consultancy focused on the supply of secretarial and support staff for businesses and private households, on either a permanent or temporary basis. Additionally, Kosmos acts on a bespoke Executive Search basis for clients looking to fill senior level and graduate roles.
What inspired you to create a luxury bespoke recruitment consultancy?
I wanted to keep it personal and create something I truly believed in that would help others.
What makes your company unique?
Having worked in the business for a number of years, I realised that from within a boutique environment I cannot only focus on the client's needs, but I can establish long term working relationships with exceptional candidates so that when a role becomes available I have a fantastic network from which to find the right candidate, thus establishing a long term working relationship between my clients and their new employees. 
What do you enjoy most about running your own company?
The people.  Getting it right.  Feeling like I've made a difference to someone's working life. 
How important is it to build a relationship with your client?
It's a prerequisite. 
Is gifting important in your industry? what inspires you to create bespoke or interesting gifts for your clients?
It's not so much 'gifting', it's more about making every single person that I work with feel important.  The candles are personal, they are not for the office, they are for the individual that I have established that working relationship with.  It's no longer about a corporate gimmick, it's about making someone feel appreciated and valued.  I often work with people that started as candidates or clients and in time they have become friends.  
What did you enjoy about creating your own bespoke candle with Wick & Tallow?
I enjoyed the search for something special and different.  I had such a great experience working with W&T to find the right fragrance and make the holder look and feel personal and yet maintaining the Kosmos identity.
How have your clients reacted to your candle?
They love them.  Everyone wants one!  
What are your plans for 2016?
My plan is as always;  to help everyone I come across find a balance that is right for them and those around them; candidate, client, friend or colleague, the Kosmos door is always open.

Wick & Tallow | Running A Family Business

Posted on February 17, 2016 by Alice Malcolm Green

Wick & Tallow, which is owned and run by my husband, James, his twin brother Tom, and I began around 5 years ago at Portobello Market, when I started making candles from the flat that we all shared in London.




The candle making would happen in the kitchen, Tom and James didn't tend to mind too much, the only low point was when the oven was perfumed with English rose.


I would then hand wrap the candles with cellophane and ribbon and sell them on Saturday, bright and early from the market stall. The candles began to get quite a following, with visitors from all over London coming down especially to buy them.


As the market stall got busier, it soon was becoming too much for me to handle on my own, so one night over dinner at home, James, Tom and I started discussing joining forces to create a luxury home fragrance company.


With James' product design background from Central St Martins, Toms' interest in business and brand building and my scent and interiors knowledge, the three of us set to work on creating our company.


The first outing was a day trip to every candle department store in London to see what was already on the market and also to look at the various scents, quality and packaging.


We quickly realised we wanted to create something different, a brand that appealed to both men and women. Also one that celebrated colour, and good old fashioned candle making. After a lots of research and ideas being thrown around we decided on the name Wick & Tallow. James got set to work on branding and we all loved the idea of using wax seals and cylindrical packaging.


Our first collection took us 18 months to create. This was due to attention to detail and not wanting to compromise on quality, whilst we also fitted in our day jobs! We designed 8 unique fragrances that covered the whole scent wheel. In order to get the scents exactly right, I would carry around scent samples in my handbag and ask friends and family's opinions.


For packaging, James spent hours at his computer designing concepts. We went through lots of prototypes and it seemed sometimes that the smallest detail would take the longest time and most effort to get right!


Tom was in charge of setting up the company, website development and meetings with different suppliers.




In November 2013 we were finally ready to launch our first collection. It was such an excitement for all 3 of us when we were able to click live on our website. 


In 2014 we added the Floral Collection to our range and in 2015 we introduced reed diffusers to our Bold Collection.


We love working together and each of us play to our strengths. Running a family business isn't always easy, but what is fantastic is being able to be completely honest with each other. We are all so incredibly passionate about our business, so we can't agree on everything all of the time, but we have learnt to compromise. We are so excited about the direction of our brand, all the important milestones we have already achieved and working with the fantastic Redwing PR to build our profile.


We have been incredibly lucky to have such supportive families, friends and customers who have really helped us grow our business. We have lot of exciting projects this year, in particular working with a whole host of other luxury brands to create their own candles as well as focusing on new product launches for ourselves. Watch this space for all our exciting news and announcements!

Wick & Tallow | How To Scent Your Wedding

Posted on February 10, 2016 by Alice Malcolm Green

There are lots of things to check off your wedding planning list such as flowers, caterers, music, venue and of course your dress. One of things that shouldn't be overlooked though is how to scent your wedding. 


Flowers are a huge part of the day and are used in bouquets, church flowers, by flower girls and as table decorations. Most brides have an idea of what kind of flowers they want, and this is often influenced by the time of year that they are getting married. 


Wick & Tallow created the Floral Collection with weddings in mind. All the scents have been designed around different floral arrangements for weddings. For example for our September wedding, James and I wanted to have lots of white roses, lilies and eucalyptus. For this we created our White Rose and Eucalyptus scent and made candles to be dotted around the church and reception to enhance the scent of the flowers. We also gave all of our guests a votive for them to take home as wedding favours and be reminded of the day. 


The flickering flame really  adds to the ambience and takes your wedding seamlessly from day to night. We placed our scented candles in between large pillar candles, to add height and create interesting centre pieces. 


There are lots of other ways to layer scent at your wedding, for example by using herbs and diffusers. It's a nice idea to add herbal fragrances to your flower arrangements such as rosemary and thyme. We love eucalyptus as the leaves look so beautiful with their green and grey hues and the scent is so beautiful and really fills the room. 


We recommend lighting your candles 1-2 hours before the ceremony and in the wedding venue. That way your guests are really greeted by the scent when they arrive. Another idea is to spritz the napkins with linen sprays and spray the venue with your chosen room spray. For the bathrooms, candles are always lovely, but you can also use reed diffusers. It is also a nice idea to place sprigs of lavender on the napkins as part of the place setting. 


The other scents we have created are Lily & Lilac, which is perfect for May/June weddings, Sweet Pea & Peony which is perfect for June/July weddings and English Rose & Amber which is magical for winter weddings as it's a really warm and pretty scent. 


To view our entire floral collection please see here.




Wick & Tallow | Bespoke Candle Service

Posted on February 03, 2016 by Alice Barrow

Having launched our first collection over two years ago, we have learnt so much about what goes into creating the perfect candle.


We love passing this information on by creating candles for other luxury brands. Our bespoke candle service has become very popular within the creative industry and it's so exciting to work with different brands as their briefs are all so varied.


We work with a host of UK manufacturers including glass decorators, fragrance houses, ribbon printers and packaging suppliers. It is very important for us to support British manufacturing, and we feel that not only does this ensure that we get the highest quality, but also that we support our country's various industries. It also means we cut down on global transportation and unnecessary air or freight miles.



Scent is a passion for us. We have now built up an extensive scent library which our clients can choose from, but we can also create bespoke fragrances, which is a really exciting and involving creative process.


Our scent library consists of over 20 fragrances that we are constantly adding to. We burn trial every fragrance to make sure it burns cleanly and evenly and we also ensure that the fragrances disperse efficiently and fill the surrounding space.


With our in house design team we can design you your perfect candle with your companies branding on.


We truly put every effort in to making this creative process as fun as possible.



A lot of our clients use their bespoke candles for marketing, PR, corporate gifts and as a product to sell alongside their existing lines. For any further questions about our bespoke service please contact us at

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