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Posted on February 10, 2016 by Alice Malcolm Green

There are lots of things to check off your wedding planning list such as flowers, caterers, music, venue and of course your dress. One of things that shouldn't be overlooked though is how to scent your wedding. 


Flowers are a huge part of the day and are used in bouquets, church flowers, by flower girls and as table decorations. Most brides have an idea of what kind of flowers they want, and this is often influenced by the time of year that they are getting married. 


Wick & Tallow created the Floral Collection with weddings in mind. All the scents have been designed around different floral arrangements for weddings. For example for our September wedding, James and I wanted to have lots of white roses, lilies and eucalyptus. For this we created our White Rose and Eucalyptus scent and made candles to be dotted around the church and reception to enhance the scent of the flowers. We also gave all of our guests a votive for them to take home as wedding favours and be reminded of the day. 


The flickering flame really  adds to the ambience and takes your wedding seamlessly from day to night. We placed our scented candles in between large pillar candles, to add height and create interesting centre pieces. 


There are lots of other ways to layer scent at your wedding, for example by using herbs and diffusers. It's a nice idea to add herbal fragrances to your flower arrangements such as rosemary and thyme. We love eucalyptus as the leaves look so beautiful with their green and grey hues and the scent is so beautiful and really fills the room. 


We recommend lighting your candles 1-2 hours before the ceremony and in the wedding venue. That way your guests are really greeted by the scent when they arrive. Another idea is to spritz the napkins with linen sprays and spray the venue with your chosen room spray. For the bathrooms, candles are always lovely, but you can also use reed diffusers. It is also a nice idea to place sprigs of lavender on the napkins as part of the place setting. 


The other scents we have created are Lily & Lilac, which is perfect for May/June weddings, Sweet Pea & Peony which is perfect for June/July weddings and English Rose & Amber which is magical for winter weddings as it's a really warm and pretty scent. 


To view our entire floral collection please see here.






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