Wick & Tallow x Kosmos Recruitment

Posted on February 24, 2016 by Alice Malcolm Green

Today we interview Victoria Naylor-Leyland about setting up her fabulous recruitment company Kosmos Recruitment. We worked with Victoria to create her own bespoke Kosmos candle. Kosmos is a bespoke recruitment consultancy focused on the supply of secretarial and support staff for businesses and private households, on either a permanent or temporary basis. Additionally, Kosmos acts on a bespoke Executive Search basis for clients looking to fill senior level and graduate roles.
What inspired you to create a luxury bespoke recruitment consultancy?
I wanted to keep it personal and create something I truly believed in that would help others.
What makes your company unique?
Having worked in the business for a number of years, I realised that from within a boutique environment I cannot only focus on the client's needs, but I can establish long term working relationships with exceptional candidates so that when a role becomes available I have a fantastic network from which to find the right candidate, thus establishing a long term working relationship between my clients and their new employees. 
What do you enjoy most about running your own company?
The people.  Getting it right.  Feeling like I've made a difference to someone's working life. 
How important is it to build a relationship with your client?
It's a prerequisite. 
Is gifting important in your industry? what inspires you to create bespoke or interesting gifts for your clients?
It's not so much 'gifting', it's more about making every single person that I work with feel important.  The candles are personal, they are not for the office, they are for the individual that I have established that working relationship with.  It's no longer about a corporate gimmick, it's about making someone feel appreciated and valued.  I often work with people that started as candidates or clients and in time they have become friends.  
What did you enjoy about creating your own bespoke candle with Wick & Tallow?
I enjoyed the search for something special and different.  I had such a great experience working with W&T to find the right fragrance and make the holder look and feel personal and yet maintaining the Kosmos identity.
How have your clients reacted to your candle?
They love them.  Everyone wants one!  
What are your plans for 2016?
My plan is as always;  to help everyone I come across find a balance that is right for them and those around them; candidate, client, friend or colleague, the Kosmos door is always open.



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