Wick & Tallow | Interview with Wickenden Hutley

Posted on March 10, 2016 by Alice Malcolm Green

Today for our interiors inspiration blog we interview Melissa Hutley from luxury interior design company Wickenden Hutley. Wick & Tallow love working with interior designers to create their own bespoke candles and scent their projects.

Wickenden Hutley offers a comprehensive interior architecture and design service for residential and commercial clients, both in London and around the world.

Priding itself on its unique approaches to design, client relationships and project management, Wickenden Hutley has established itself within the demanding and competitive interior design industry. It is a company that creates elegant homes filled with character, individually tailored to every client.

Today we look at their stunning renovation of a penthouse in West Hampstead.

What was your starting inspiration for this project? 

We wanted to concentrate on making the most of the architectural space and as the client was a bachelor we wanted the scheme to have a gentle masculinity about it.


We love the use of monochrome throughout, how important is it to find an accent colour or use colour throughout a project?

We never choose a starting accent colour but it naturally develops as the schemes grow. The client wanted a clean design and the palette developed with minks, navies, taupe, natural linens, bronze and leathers, which felt masculine but warm.

We notice you use beautiful greenery and plants throughout, how important is it to scent your projects?

The aesthetics is only one part of the design and when you are actually living in the space the smell of a home is the first thing that hits you when you open the front door. We always leave the client a scented candle on completion, Wick and Tallow obviously, and chose a scent that we feel is right for the client and the scheme.


What is your favourite part of the design process?

Each stage is so different but it’s hard to choose between the excitement at the beginning of the project when all of the team are brain storming and pulling inspiration and the huge satisfaction of seeing a happy client at completion!

Do you create lots of bespoke furniture? How important is to create unique and individual pieces for your clients?

We love designing furniture and that’s the great thing about having an interior designer, if we can’t find what we’re looking for we’ll design it to the perfect dimensions and finishes for the space. We work with amazing British craftsmen all over the country who create stunning products for us including furniture, lighting and accessories.

Do you have some exciting plans for 2016?

We are definitely starting the year with a bang with 2 projects abroad about to commence, and some very exciting UK sites too. We are lucky that our clients are very diverse in their styles so there is lots to keep our creativity flowing!

For more information on Wickenden Hutley visit www.wickendenhutley.com



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