Unicorn sighting in Scotland

Posted on April 01, 2014 by Web master

A man, who wishes to remain anonymous, has spoken out about seeing a unicorn roaming the highland area near to Wick in Caithness, Scotland. It is not the first time such claims have been made, although it is a first for northern Scotland and comes in the wake of a Unicorn Lair being proclaimed to exist within North Korea that was backed up by spurious photographic evidence last year. The man was out hiking near to the Castle of Old Wick when he spied what he described as a unicorn, saying it was "basically a horse with a horn, I could nae believe it". He did not manage to get a photograph but locals say that his sighting is the talk of the town, indeed it seems that it was all anyone was talking about when we visited the Crown Bar on Wick's High Street yesterday evening.

It didn't stay in sight for long and was last described as cantering off in the direction of Loch Hempriggs to the south of the town. It is expected that this sighting will lure many to Wick to try and sight the magical creature of lore, with some saying that they hoped Wick would benefit from those wanting to come and try their hand at spotting the unicorn, in a similar way that Loch Ness has become a haven for fanatics to try and spot the as yet unfound but much sought after Loch Ness Monster. Gerry MacLaughlin, landlord of The Alexander Bain in Market Place has suggested setting up a "unicorn safari" to ride the wave of anticipated interest in the area.

The man did have one piece of advice for those wanting to find the creature, which was that they shouldn't go looking for it. He believes it came to him precisely because he wasn't specifically searching for it and that in that way it was able to trust him. Unicorn sightings are few and far between, and have in the past been confused with viewings of the extremely rare asala, an Asian animal that has two horns rather than one and is more akin to an antelope than a horse or zebra. Recent unicorn sightings have been proclaimed in Canada and North Korea, although historically there have been many more throughout Asia in China and India, with the oldest recorded sighting by Adam in the Garden of Eden.

An image depicting a unicorn believed to be similar to the one sighted in Wick, Caithness

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